Thursday, July 14, 2011

Aoi Tori (Blue Bird) Restaurant

The Blue Bird Restaurant has been around for a very long time. It's not a very big restaurant, but the food is great. They are open for lunch and dinner, but reservations are required for dinner. They only do set meals for dinner so you have to order your set when you make reservations. I went there for dinner tonight with some good friends and we all got the 3,990yen set.

Here is what you get for 3,990yen -

AND you even get dessert and your choice of hot tea or hot coffee!

Not too shabby eh?

Everything we ate was wonderful. The steak was so tender and perfectly cooked (I ordered mine medium). The bread is freshly baked by the owner of the restaurant. She also speaks a little english so communicating won't be a big problem.

To get to this lovely little restaurant... Exit through main gate. Go to four corners (the intersection after the railroad tracks), and make a right. Stay straight on that and you will go through a big intersection (Fuji Grand will be on the right corner). Once you have gone through the intersection, keep going straight through another light (you will pass the main post office on your left). At the next light, turn left. There is a huge parking lot on the left, but when we went there tonight it was closed off. After you pass the parking lot, there is a flower shop on your left. Right after the flower shop you will see a little alley. Turn there and you will see this sign -
You can't drive down the little side street so you'll have to find parking somewhere (there are a few right in that area), and then walk down.

There's also a very interesting statue in front. I took a picture of it, but I can't post it without embarrassing a few people.

If you haven't been to the Blue Bird Restaurant, I highly recommend it. No reservations needed for lunch and they do have special lunch sets that are more reasonably priced than the dinners, but I really thought the price was good for all of the food we got.

Don't forget that you need reservations for dinner. Their number is (0827)21-2777. If you want steak, then the 3,990yen course is the least expensive course.

If you have ever been to Blue Bird before, please let me know whether you liked it or not.

And because I just can't stop thinking about it and laughing, I'm going to post my favorite (I think it was everyone's favorite tonight) dinner quote....."Oh! There's a little surprise in there!" I went with some wonderful and hilarious friends tonight. There was a lot of laughing going on and then my friend, Kelly, broke out her modern day polaroid. fun is that?? She took our fun up a notch! We took a few pictures and every time the camera spit out the little picture we were all shaking them so we could hurry up and see how they turned out! Here are the pictures we took.....
Yes. I took a picture of pictures. I should have had someone take a picture of all of us shaking the pictures.

I hope you'll give Blue Bird a try. Good food, nice atmosphere, and good service.


  1. Linda,
    I was station there in the late 70"s and early 80's. I went to the Blue Bird about four times a week, as my friends "Abe" and "Kiohara" worked there. Back then it was a the "original" chicken wing and bar hangout, young crowd, good music and great conversation with locals. By chance would "Abe" still be working there? He tended bar back then. I believe the original owner passed away @ 1984 and his wife took over the place. deffinately one of the best kept secrets during my 5 years there. Thanks for bringing back fond memories.

  2. Wow! Thank you for your nice comment. Hmmm...I wonder if you know my older brother (Richard Brown) then...he used to go to Blue Bird a lot too. I didn't go until it became a restaurant so I don't know "Abe". The last couple of times I went, there were just two ladies working was the owner.

  3. Linda, Small world.....where did your brother work at? Back then Abe and Kiohara worked at the "Sound Shop" during the day and worked at the Blue Bird at night. I think I have a picture of the orignal owner and his wife. I'll try to dig them out soon. If I find some I'll forward them to you. Hope you had a great Holiday!!!!!

  4. Linda, can you send me your email address so that I can send you three pictures? You can email me at;

  5. Linda, I want to try this place this week. Do you know if they close for lunch during the week on any particular day? I know many places are closed on Tuesday, and that's the day I'm heading out with a friend. We have been desperate for a new place to try and this looks good!

  6. That was me, Kristen. Computer issues..don't mean to be "anonymous!"