Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shiva Restaurant (Indian style food)

Our plan was to go to G-Labo for lunch today. Unfortunately, they were closed. Apparently, they are closed ever Tuesday. So then we tried to go to Ronin, which is very close to G-Labo. Yeah, they were closed too. And so were the steak place and the Chinese place we tried to go to. So we went to Shiva instead. Because they were open, and we were hungry.

We walked in and it's a nice little place. Not super big, but not really small either. We looked over the lunch menu and we all decided to get the A Lunch Set. It came with curry (you get to choose from four different kinds), nan, salad, and a little bit of rice. I'm not sure if it normally includes a drink (it didn't look like it on the menu), but he gave us drinks at no extra charge. So, it was 780yen for everything. Not bad. Here is what comes with the A Lunch -
Small salad. It was okay.

My chicken curry, nan, and rice. You get a choice of chicken curry, pork curry, kema curry, or vegetable curry.

I thought the curry tasted fine, but I think I like the nan better at Ganesh.

To get to Shiva, go out of the main gate and turn right at four corners (the intersection after the railroad tracks). Follow the road all the way downtown. You'll pass Fuji Grand on your right. Keep going until you come to a rotary (it should be the fourth light after Fuji Grand). You will turn left at the rotary, and at the first light you will make another left. Make the first right turn and park at the pay parking on your left. It's 100yen per hour and close to quite a few restaurants. You should see the covered shopping area and you should see Ganesh. Shiva is across from Ganesh and to the left a little. Here is what it looks like on the outside.

Were any of you here in the 80's or 90's? If so, this front door might look a little familiar to you. There was an arcade a bunch of us would hang out at in the covered shopping area. This was it!!! The arcade shut down some time ago. Not sure what it was before it became Shiva, but every time I see that door I think about the arcade. Brings back memories....oops. I digress.

If you are in the mood for some nan and curry, check out Shiva. I thought it was reasonably priced for lunch and the food was good. Yes, I prefer the nan at Ganesh but I'm not saying the nan at Shiva is bad. Just different.


  1. I love Shiva's, it is the closet thing I have tasted to authentic indian food in Japan. I also love how they go above and beyond in service.

  2. Thanks for posting Sharon! :)