Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why a food blog?

I know. You are reading my "about me" block and wondering what photography has to do with food. A lot. Food is another passion of mine. I also love to take pictures of food. So, it does make sense for me to start a food blog. Right?

I also started it because I was talking to my friend, E, on Saturday night and she said it would be so great if someone would post information about local restaurants. Detailed information. What type menu they have, what the prices are like, etc. I thought, "what a fabulous idea!" I toyed around with the idea for a few days and decided I should just do it!

I didn't want to just talk about restaurants though. I want to talk about food in general. I am on this I-need-to-eat-better kick right now so I'm trying different recipes and different foods. I would love to share my eating better adventures. Of course I will also share recipes.

Another reason why my "about me" talks about photography is because I have another blog that is supposed to be all about my photog adventures. I tend to digress though and talk about other things (like food) so I am hoping that by having a separate food blog, I will be good about just posting photography related stuff to my other blog.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I'm going to enjoy posting about my adventures!

Happy eating!

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