Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mike's Tex Mex

Okay. I can hear some groans already. Stop it.

I have lived in Southern California so I do know what good Mexican food is. And I do agree that Mike's Tex Mex isn't as good as the hole in the wall places in the Oceanside/Camp Pendleton area, BUT it is the best Mexican food you're going to get around here. Don't go there with super high expectations and you should be just fine.

Some of you may remember when Mike's first opened in Iwakuni. It was a very small space across the street from Andersen Bakery. I was so excited that there was finally a Mexican restaurant in Iwakuni! I was really missing all the good mexican food I used to get in California so I couldn't wait to go.
Once I got there, I couldn't decide what to get. I finally decided to get a combo platter and then patiently (okay....maybe not the right word to use...I TRIED to be patient). It was pretty busy so it took a little while (FOREVER! ....40 minutes is almost like forever when you're hungry) for the food to come out. When it did, I couldn't wait to dig in. I took my first bite and .......well..... I was a little disappointed. It wasn't awful. It was okay. Maybe even a little bit better than just "okay". I just had super high, Southern California expectations. Once I remembered where I was and how it was awesome that we finally got a Mexican restaurant here, it tasted even better. So, if you are familiar with how wonderful mexican food is in some places in the States, erase that out of your mind before going to Mike's. I think you'll have a better experience. I have heard quite a few negative comments about Mike's from people, but some of them were comparing it to that great place they always went to in Oceanside, or in Texas. So go with an open mind and enjoy!

I went recently with the guys from the office for lunch. I ordered the enchillada lunch set. It's funny how the guys now know to let me take pictures of their food before they dig in.
They even hold their plates up for me. My co-workers are pretty awesome.

Their menu is in English and they have staff that speaks a little bit of English. They also have parking which is always a plus! They didn't have parking at their old location.

This is another place that is great for parties. I've celebrated some birthdays at Mike's and they let us bring in a cake (we did ask ahead of time). I said, please do not go there expecting the wonderful food you had while you were in California, or any other place in the States that has good Mexican food. I know. It's hard to do. I have a bad habit of going into places with high expectations and then I am disappointed.
If you get in the mood for some Mexican food, give Mike's a try and then decide for yourself. Please come back and post your thoughts and comments on my Facebook page or comment on this post.

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