Friday, September 23, 2011

Curry Restaurant Familia **THIS RESTAURANT IS NO LONGER OPEN**

If you want to try some good Japanese style curry, you should check out Familia. Conveniently located near the Main Gate, it's a cute little restaurant with good food and a nice atmosphere. There was some nice Hawaiian music playing in the background when we went.

While looking over the menu, I remembered that somebody had posted on Facebook that the curry pizza was pretty tasty. I like curry and I like pizza, so it sounded good to me! Jason ordered a taco rice.

The menu is in English and they have pictures.

After a little bit, he brought out our food. Wow. It looked good and smelled even better. While I am a big fan of Indian curry, I am an even bigger fan of Japanese style curry. I even make it at home sometimes. I know. You all thought I went out to eat all of the time. I actually love to cook.

Here's my curry pizza

It was pretty tasty!

Jason's taco rice looked really good too!

Instead of taco seasoning though, it was curry. Mmmm!! I'll have to try that next time.
Jason said it was good and it had a little kick to it. Just a little.

He also ordered some garlic bread

He said the garlic bread was "okay". It looked good and smelled good though....

If you are in the mood for some good Japanese style curry, just walk out Main Gate and check out Familia. Go over the railroad tracks and it's on the right hand side, right after TNT car sales.
Good curry and nice atmosphere!


  1. I will add: The folks there are VERY friendly.

    AND... the place has FREE WIFI!! They don't mind you hanging around & surfing.

    There is also an all-you-can-drink beverage service with sodas & brewed coffee. So I enjoyed a few cups of coffee while catching up on email. A much pleasanter environment than the manic foodcourt/crossroad cafe.

  2. Thank you!! I didn't realize they had free wi-fi. I agree, the people there are very friendly and nice. :D
    my little celebration - Yes! Yummy eats! :)