Sunday, September 18, 2011

Maple City

When someone asks me where my favorite Italian restaurant in Iwakuni is, I always say "Maple City!"

What is it about Maple City that makes it my favorite? The food is amazing. And it's amazing every time I go. The service is always great. The ladies who work there are so nice and they are always smiling. It's also where I found the first red wine I liked. Until then I could only drink white zinfandel. Yes. I know. THAT is NOT a real wine. I don't drink white zinfandel anymore. Cross my heart. I have graduated and moved on to cabs and merlots (from what I have been told...the "REAL" wines). Another thing I love about Maple City is the atmosphere. Nice and intimate enough for a date night and yet, casual enough for an office farewell dinner.

I was lucky enough to help plan a birthday dinner for my good friend, Alma, a couple of weeks ago. Of course the first place I thought of was Maple City. So I called and was able to get reservations. I also let them know we would have a birthday girl in our party. If you tell them ahead of time, they will make something a little extra for the dessert.

As soon as we were seated, I started looking at the menu. I try to get something different every time I come, but the hardest decision is usually whether I should get pizza, or pasta. I should mention that they do have English menus. They also have a nice wine menu. In English. I was DD for the evening so I just got to taste some of the wines they ordered.

Sometimes they have these awesome sets that you can order. You choose your pizza or pasta and then add 1,500yen to the price to get a set. The set has a couple of appetizers, garlic bread (SOOOO GOOD!), a drink, and a dessert. I always get a set if they are offering it. The garlic bread is all-you-can-eat, by the way.

Now I had to decide which pasta to get. many yummy choices. Then, the word "pumpkin" jumps out at me. What is that? I see at the very bottom of the menu there is a pasta with a pumpkin cream sauce. Are you serious?! PUMPKIN CREAM? Oh. I had to order it. I love Japanese pumpkin (kabocha). I was so excited! It was almost like it was MY birthday!

The first appetizer was scallops. These were SO good!
If you can't eat fish or just don't like seafood at all, just let them know when you order and they will bring something else out for your appetizer.

The next appetizer was super yummy too!

Then the pastas started coming out.

My pumpkin cream pasta!!
Oh, it was reaaalllly good! Amazing. Delicious. I'm drooling right now.

One of our friends ordered the black squid ink pasta
We all tried it and it wasn't bad. Leaves black stuff all over your teeth and mouth though so it looks kinda weird.

For my drink, I always get a hot tea. Usually, Earl Grey. I love how they serve their tea. They actually use tea leaves and they give you a little timer to let you know when your tea is ready to be poured.
I have them bring my tea after dinner so I can enjoy it with my dessert.

Time for dessert!!!!! I couldn't wait!! Alma had no idea that we had told the restaurant it was her birthday!
Happy Birthday Alma!!! Isn't that cool??

One of our friends ordered a different set from us and this is the dessert that he got.
So purty!!

I love Maple City!! They also have some great lunch sets! They are open from 11:00AM-3:00PM for lunch and then from 5:00PM-11:00PM for dinner. They can get kind of busy on the weekends so I think it's best to make reservations. Their number is (0827)53-3319. Dial it just like that if calling from a cell phone.

To get to this amazing restaurant, go out main gate and turn right at that very first light. Follow that road all the way until it comes to a T-intersection. Turn left but stay in the middle or right lane because you will be making a right onto Route 2. Go straight on this for about 15-20 minutes (it's before you get to the big YouMe Town in Otake). Maple City is on your right. There is a car dealership across from it on your left. I want to say it's a Toyota dealership. There is a sign on the side of the street that says "Maple City Sicily" or something like that. They do have a few parking spaces in front, but they also have other parking. Turn right down the little street right next to Maple City and then take the first left. There is a small lot on your right. You can park in there.

Great place for a date night!


  1. Linda, Do you know the pricing for the lunch sets? Is is comparable? And do they serve as much?

  2. Kristen, I haven't been to Maple City for lunch in a while, but I believe the lunch sets are a little cheaper. The amount of pasta you get might be a little smaller and I think you only get one appetizer instead of two. I can call them and find out though so let me know if you are interested in going for lunch and I'll call them. :)

  3. Thanks Linda. I'm sure it will be great no matter the quantity. I called and made a reservation for tomorrow. They were so nice, and we muddled through our communication gaps. I'll let you know about lunch after we go!

  4. We recently went to Maple City for our anniversary dinner and HIGHLY recommend it, everything was delicious, the service was great and the restaurant is quaint and intimate! It was just lovely, thank you for recommending we will be going back, it was wonderful!