Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ramen no Ichotei

Another wonderful ramen place I like to go to is located on Route 2. Their soup and noodles are a little bit different from Nagahama Ramen, but theirs is yummy too.
I went to Ramen no Ichotei for lunch a few days ago and they were pretty busy. We got one of the last tables available.
The menu is not in English, but they do have pictures!!
They have a set menu too. You get ramen and whatever item is pictured for the price below the item. For instance, you get the gyoza that is pictured and a bowl of ramen for 880yen. You also get a bowl of rice and they have Japanese pickles you can get. The pickles are to your left when you walk in and you can take as much as you want.
They don't speak English very well so you might have to do some charades with them. Charades are another wonderful part of the dining out in Japan experience.
They also ask how you want your noodles. I always say "futsu" (normal) and it is perfect to me. Not too hard, and not too soft. I don't like mushy noodles.

I ordered the fried chicken set. Because they were so busy, our server told us it would take a little while. We told her that was not a problem.
But our food only took about 15 - 20 minutes. Not bad. I guess it is a long time for ramen, but we didn't care.
If you do not like pork, or you can't eat pork, they will gladly make it without the big slice of pork that's usually on top. Just tell them when you order.
My fried chicken. It was a little greasy and a little fatty, but it tasted good. Maybe I should have went for the gyoza....
Someone else ordered the gyoza set and it looked pretty good.

It's pretty roomy inside. They have a decent amount of tables (I think about 8). They do get pretty busy at lunch time. I always take that as a good sign because that usually means it's good.

Once again I forgot to get a picture of the outside. Goodness......sometimes I want to sing that song from The Wizard of Oz...."if I only had a brain...." I'm just very easily maybe I need to find another song.

Now that it is getting cooler, it is ramen and udon season! I love it!!!!!
To get to Ramen no Ichotei, go out main gate and go to 3 corners. Turn right and follow that road all the way down until it takes you to the light that turns onto Route 2. At that light turn left and go straight for a little while. You'll pass McDonald's on your right and Fresta (wonderful grocery store!!!) on your left. Keep going. After a few minutes, you will see a nursery (plants and flowers) on your left. The ramen place is right across on your right. I think the sign is black and red.
I think I said this in my post on Nagahama Ramen. You should definitely try a few places before you decide on a favorite. Everyone has different tastes and you might like this one more than Nagahama, or you might have a place you already go to that you prefer.
Please come back and post a comment if you decide to check out Ramen no Ichotei! I want to know your thoughts.

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