Monday, August 29, 2011

Take me out to the ball game....

I am not a fan of baseball, but I absolutely love going to Japanese baseball games. Do you think that's weird? Before you answer that question, you should go to a Japanese baseball game. Even if you are not really into baseball. Then, if you still think I'm weird, please feel free to come on here and call me weird. It's okay. I can handle it.

This summer has been a crazy one for me so while I have been wanting to go to a baseball game, I just have not had time. Then, last Friday, I finally made it to a game. Not just any game either. They were playing the Yomiuri Giants. The Giants are probably one of the most (maybe THE most) popular teams in Japan. Thank goodness we got there a little early because the game was sold out and we had non-reserved tickets. It's always nice when everyone can sit together.

Once we had found some seats, a few of us made the trek downstairs to the food area. I have to say, the Mazda Zoom Zoom Stadium (I LOVE that name!) has a very impressive food area. There is just about anything you could want from hot dogs to udon. It was super crowded so there were people everywhere, but we managed to find some spots that didn't have super long lines. The game was getting ready to start and I didn't want to miss it! Oh. Wait. I didn't go for the baseball.......really. I continued to wander around trying to take pictures of some of the different eateries. It was hard with so many people walking around, but I did get a few pictures. I also thought it would be a little less crowded if I came back a little later in the evening.

The squid rings were good! If you like squid (I do!!).

I saw lots of people walking by with bowls of udon on trays. Oh, it smelled soooooo good. But all I could think was, "are these people crazy?!". It felt like it was 100 degrees outside. I couldn't imagine eating hot anything. I just smelled it and kept walking. Next time. Next time I will have some udon.

They also have stands selling Carps obento.

and a big cooler with beer and tea and soda

Once I was back in my seat, I opened up my rice balls and started eating. I had Jason take a picture of me taking a bite out of my rice ball, but he said it was a very unflattering picture so he told me to just hold the rice ball next to my face and smile. I figured I should post pictures of me actually eating the food once in a while, but I guess I'm not a cute eater.

While I eas eating my rice ball I spotted a beer girl coming up the steps. I was trying to hold my rice ball and get my camera ready at the same time. By the time I got all ready, she was next to me.

But I got a shot of her going back down the steps -

LOVE the people selling the beer! For those who were wondering, the beer is 700yen per cup.

A little while later I see this girl coming up the steps.
What is she selling???

Shaved ice in a bag? Why not.

Oh. Did I mention earlier that I was going to go back downstairs and take more pictures of the food places? Yeah, that didn't happen. I got caught up in the chanting and noise making. I guess that means you will have to go to a baseball game yourself and check out all of the food stands in person.

The baseball season runs into October so you still have some time to catch a game this season. Our non-reserved seats were 1600yen per person and we got our tickets at a 7-Eleven. You can also purchase baseball tickets at the local train station. Just go to the window where you buy your train ticket from and they can sell you baseball tickets.

I go for the atmosphere. Japanese baseball games are unlike any baseball game you will ever see in the States. The chanting and the clapping and the banging of the noise makers. It's like a big party. I also go for the food. I didn't eat very much this time because it was just too stinkin hot for me, but there is definitely something for everyone there.

Pick up a schedule from Information and Referral over at ITT and check out when the next Carps game is. Then grab some friends and go! I really think you'll be happy you did!

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