Saturday, August 6, 2011


I was asked to give someone a ride to the airport and of course I said YES! Get out of the office for a few hours AND I get to have Starbucks on the way back?!?! I couldn't understand why nobody else wanted to go. Call me weird, I don't care. It's STARBUCKS, people!

If you have a mad craving for Starbucks, there are four in Hiroshima that I know of. There is also one at the AllPark Mall and then there is one at the Miyajima rest stop on the southbound side. Whenever I go shopping in Hiroshima, I always stop by the three-story Starbucks right by PARCO (PARCO has a GAP!!). It's a super nice Starbucks and it is always super crowded. AND there is a Claire's close to it! Maybe I should do a shopping in Hiroshima post on my blog....

The one I went to the other day though, was the one at the Miyajima service area.

It's another nice service area with clean restrooms. It also has a wonderful view.

It also has this cool Torii...

So...the next time your boss asks if you want to drive someone to Hiroshima Airport, say yes! And stop at all of the rest stops on the way back just to see what they have. Besides, it's not like you're in a big hurry to get back to your desk. Right?


  1. Hi Linda,

    Nice blog you have here :) This was one of the places where my family and I made a 'pit stop' during our trip to Japan in 2011...and only now I'm starting to compile our holiday pictures! Do you know the exact name of this place? I'd like to tag some pictures we took there.

  2. Thank you!
    This is just a rest area on the expressway, but it is near Miyajima. Did you go to Miyajima perhaps? It is an island and you would have had to take a ferry to get to it.