Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SOBATAMAYA - Okonomiyaki

Although I have spent most of my life in Iwakuni, I had never heard of Sobatamaya until earlier this year. Any time I hear about a good okonomiyaki place, my ears perk up. Especially if it is here in Iwakuni. I had to try it out.

They do authentic Hiroshima style okonomiyaki here and it is very good. After trying it a few times now, I have to say it is the best okonomiyaki restaurant in Iwakuni. Apparently a lot of other people agree with me because the place is always packed when I go. Last night was no exception. I went with a couple of friends from high school (GO Samurais!! Yes...the three of us are M.C.Perry graduates) and we got there pretty early (around 6:15). There was only one other customer inside. Once we sat down and ordered, people started coming and they didn't stop. Even after the place was full, people kept coming. They even had some to-go orders so they were very busy. So, I do have to warn you that your food will probably take about 20 minutes to prepare. It's so worth the wait though! And if you sit at the counter, you get to watch them prepare it which is always pretty cool.

They do have English menus. Yay!

I always order the "House Special" which is soba noodles, pork, and egg. You can also add little extras if you want. One of my friends got hers with green onions and my other friend got his with cheese. I have never had it with cheese so I think I will have to try that next time.

We talked and watched as they prepared our okonomiyaki. Before we knew it, they were placing yummy okonimiyaki right in front of us!

I couldn't wait to dig into mine!

It was very yummy!!!! I should have taken a picture of the empty spot in front of me after I finished because I ate the whole thing!

To get to this amazing okonomiyaki restaurant, go out Main Gate. Turn right at the first light. Follow that road and go over the bridge. You'll pass Mike's Tex Mex and at the second light after Mike's, turn left. You'll go over a loopy over pass and there will be a light at the bottom. Go straight and at the first light, turn right. At the second cross street, turn left. There is a pay parking lot on the left corner that you'll see as you turn left. It is the only pay parking I know of that is near the restaurant, but it is 200yen for 30 minutes! Ridiculous. Once you turn left, you should see the restaurant on your left. First, you'll see a Japanese style restaurant and then an Italian restaurant (I heard this place is really good too!!).....and then I think the okonomiyaki place is next. There is a sliding door and a noren hanging outside. *sigh* Yes....I forgot to take a picture of the front. Again. I also forgot to get the hours of operation. I will get it and then I will just update this post. Now you know where it's at though so you can go and have some amazing okonimiyaki!

Editing to add address and telephone number -

Address: 6-8-22 Marifumachi Iwakuni Yamaguchi
Telephone: 0827-24-2080
Hours: 1700-2200
CLOSED on Wednesdays

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